Why Be an RCCEHA Member


As a member of the Ridglea Country Club Estates Homeowners Association, you help protect the value of your property.  It is only through your dues and those of your neighbor members that the association has the financial resources needed to fulfill its obligations as set forth in the charter to:

Promote the civic community welfare and pride among the residents of Ridglea Country Club Estates, 

Encourage and enforce the restrictive regulations and covenants of RCCE,

Foster and assist in the general civic and social enterprises and activities, which may be beneficial to the Community.

To these ends RCCEHA:

Maintains the landscape at the front entrance and the approaching and departing areas on either side along the frontage road.   

Operates and maintains the video surveillance cameras at the entrance that have significantly improved the security of the Estates.

Enforces compliance with the Restrictions and Covenants that apply to our subdivision thereby protecting our property values.

Sponsors and funds “The Citizens on Patrol (COPS) program” that works closely with the local police departments to enhance our security.

Maintains an RCCE directory.

Sponsored the development of, operates, and maintains  rccehoa.com, the completely customized neighborhood web site to provide a resource for neighborhood communication and information.

Decorates the entrance at holidays and sponsors the “Celebration of Holiday Flags” on all major holidays by a yearly donation to the Southwest Rotary Club that sponsors several Boy Scout Troops.  On all major holidays the scouts line both sides of the entrance with American flags as well as placing flags in front of many of the residences.  

Sponsors the RCCE 4th of July parade, the annual dinner in June at the Ridglea Country Club, a Fall Festival, and other neighborhood social events.


Our safety has been increased because of the many hours of the time contributed by previous officers and members to maintain a single entrance to the subdivision.  For example, the original plat for the subdivision planned a second entrance to the estates from Loop 820 at the south end of Capra Way. Through the efforts of then association president John Abrahamson, that entrance was eliminated in 1974 by getting the City of Benbrook to vacate a portion of Capra Way and cede the land to the adjacent lots.  Also, it appears unlikely that as a result of our past efforts  another entrance at the north end of Winding Way  would happen.

The association substantially increased the remuneration RCCE residents received from leases for their natural gas mineral rights by negotiating the gas lease terms and conditions as an organization rather than each resident individually. This was achieved by creating a voluntary team of knowledgeable neighbors and by retaining outside legal counsel.  As a result, the original offer of a $200 gas lease-signing bonus with 20% royalty was increased to a $3047 per acre signing bonus and 25% royalty.

Last updated August 2019